Major Signs You May Be in Need of Well Repair

6 Major Signs You May Be in Need of Well Repair

Do you know the signs of a bad well pump? If you see any of these signs, it may be time to hire a local company for well repair services.


Having a well is a huge blessing. It gives you a virtually limitless supply of water while kicking the water bill to the curb, and as long as they’re taken care of they will outlast you.

That being said, like all things, wells can and will degrade over time. When parts go bad, want to make sure you get at a well repair to keep everything in a safe working condition.

However, not all signs for well servicing are obvious. How can you know that a repair job is necessary? This article will go over the signs of a bad well pump that you may have overlooked so you can get the well services you need. Keep reading to find out more!

1. You May Need a Well Repair if You Have No Water

When you turn on your faucet or start up your shower, you expect water to come out as a result. If you don’t see any water, that’s a pretty good sign that you need to have your pump serviced.

Of course, before you can confirm this you’ll want to go through some basic troubleshooting first. Check your circuit breaker first to make sure power is going to the well. If that doesn’t work, reset your pressure tank and check for any signs of a pipe leak or break. If none of those options work, and if you haven’t been experiencing a drought in your area, then you need to send the pros out to have a look.

2. There’s a Loss in Water Pressure

Having a lack of water is almost as bad of a problem as having no water at all. If you find yourself faced with a lack of pressure in your well system, there’s a good chance that your well pump is not able to draw up as much water as it needs because it’s beginning to fail.

This problem could also happen if you’ve installed new devices that are connected to the well water system, such as adding a dishwasher, replacing your water heater with a bigger version, or installing another bathroom. In any case, you’re going to need to get your well serviced to keep up with the demands of your water use.

3. You Hear Loud Noises

When your well pump makes loud and obscene noises, it can sound like something from a horror film. It can also mean that it’s time for your pump to be serviced.

If your pump is making loud noises, there’s a good chance that you have a worn or damaged pump system that needs to be serviced or replaced as soon as possible. Failure to do so in time could lead to you dealing with more damage – and more payouts – that could have been avoided.

4. There Is Air “Spitting” From Your Faucet

Your well is supposed to be supplying you with clean drinking water. If you happen to have air coming out of your water systems instead, that’s a good sign that you need some serving done to your well.

If air bubbles are coming through the faucet or shower, it will sound like it’s “spitting” at you when you use it. If that’s the case, the water isn’t consistently flowing because the pump isn’t able to pull the water up properly and is pulling up air instead. This could be from a crack in the pipe or from the well itself running dry, but either way, you’ll want to get the problem fixed to get your well pump working right again.

5. Your Well Water Is Dirty or Smells Bad

No one likes the idea of drinking and bathing in dirty water. If you happen to see dirty water coming out of your water system, you need to look into the problem to get your clean water back.

If there’s a metallic smell or taste in your well water, that’s usually a sign of harmless minerals that are located in your well, though other harmful minerals could be present in your well that should be removed. However, if your water genuinely smells bad or is extremely dirty, your pump is either too large for your well or it’s placed too far down in the well. Call on a specialist to handing the problem quickly and efficiently, so you can get your water back.

6. The Pump Continues to Run

Pumps are designed to only run when they need to pull up water from the well to fill up the water tank. when the water in the tank reaches a certain level, the pump recognizes that the tank is full and shuts off. That being the case, a constantly running pump is a sure sign that something is wrong.

This problem may be caused by a leak in the suction line a pipe leak, a faulty pressure control switch, or simply a wearing pump. Make sure to have a well pump specialist take a look so they can solve the problem.

For the Well Services That You Need

Now that you know about some of the major signs of a well problem, spotting a problem with your well system should be easy. Finding a company that you can trust to give you the well repair services you need for an affordable price? Not so much…unless that company happens to be Keller Well Drilling.

Our company is all about working with wells, and we make sure to give all of our customers the professional handiwork they deserve. We offer a wide variety of services, including well installation, replacement, repairing, and servicing to make sure we cover all of the bases for your well needs.

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