Keller Well Drilling Reviews

Great service and fast great company to deal with.
Gary B.
Very nice knowledgeable staff. The workers came out and willingly fixed my problem . Now I have water.
Kathy K.
Had two different problems with my well.they fixed both problems. Explained to me what was wrong and needed. 2 hard working gentlemen and curitious
Michael K.
Used Keller for water pressure tank installation. Good communication from the company and the job was done well with a fair price.
Keegan F.
Called Keller after another company never returned my call. They sent a couple guys out first to diagnose the problem, I had a weird leak in my basement that was coming through the wells metal power sleeve and dumping into the basement, they sent out another team a couple days later to fix it, they showed up at 9am and were gone by 11am. Everything has worked perfect since. They had to dig through our front garden - and tear up several trees. I asked them to try to save our Japanese Maple if nothing else - not only did they work around that tree, they replanted 2 of the trees that they had to pull up. I hate - HATE - dealing with repair/contracting companies. They alway do shoddy work or charge way too much. This place feels like an exception among exceptions. I am so pleased with the work (and the speed at which they did the work) that I can't recommend these guys enough. They were really that great. I will seriously never call anyone else for well stuff.
Benjamin C.
Very impressed! We were told by a different company, that convinced us, we needed a new well. It is busy season, but Keller made an exception and came out in a more than timely manner. Colleen, in the office made me feel very comfortable as I had no idea what I was talking about. James, Chase, and Ben are so knowledgeable and experts on communication! Our well nor pump needed replacement. Saved us over $10,000 and our water has NEVER run this good since the previous company installed it. Thank you, from customer service to front line workers. We are sold on you! No words could express the gratitude we have for what you have done for us.
USA 4 Trump
Awesome timely service. First time i have called them and they were here next morning. Quickly diagnosed problem and repaired. They even cleaned aeratorcm on my kitchen faucet. Great service and i highly recommend!
Daniel B.
Fast and friendly service provided when my pump quit working and was without water
Katie A.
I called Keller well drilling and they ended up solving my problem over the phone rather than trying to force me to set up an appointment or sell me something. I will definitely be using their services next time I need help!
Joseph H.
John was incredible and very fast and professional. He replaced my well pump within an hour and a half. Can't get anyone better than Keller.
Thomas M.
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Keller Well Drilling for their quick and professional service. I had a problem with my well pump last night, and I called Keller Well Drilling first thing this morning. They were able to send someone out to my house within an hour, and they had the problem fixed within an hour! I was so impressed with their quick response time and their professionalism. The two technicians who came to my house was very knowledgeable and helpful, and they did a great job of explaining the problem to me and fixing it. The well pump was shot after 34 years. I would highly recommend Keller Well Drilling to anyone who needs well drilling or pump repair services. They are a great company to work with, and I am very happy with the service that they provided me.
Tommy B.
My father won't stop talking about how happy he is with your service. You fixed his well in Farmington hills and charged a fair price. The workers were honest and professional thank you
Scott N.
They provided prompt professional service at at fair price! Went I called I explained that I was without water and since I have geothermal as my heating source I was without heat as well they were out within 45 minutes of the the call. I would use them again and would highly recommend
Scott S.
Great service! I didn't call until the afternoon and I thought for sure I'd have to wait until the next day but someone was here an hour later and my well pump was replaced the same day. Plus, everyone was so friendly which I always appreciate.
Vicky G.
We had to get a part for an outside well. They came promptly and charged a reasonable price. They are very knowledgeable too.
Great customer service and availability. I was only without water for a few hours until they came and addressed the issue. Highly recommend and will use again in the future.
Paul B.
Called and spoke with Collen first thing Monday morning. She said the tech should be out around lunch time , but shared ot could be later as he had two jobs ahead of ours. Brent was our technician and called me with an ETA and was right on time. Knew his stuff. Replaced the pump and water restored. Can't say enough about this group!
Steve B.
Keller s Came out and immediately identified the problem, operat error, and got water running.
Last night our well pump blew, I called and left a voicemail, and early this morning got a call that they would be there within 30 mins! Within an hour (and a whole lot of hard work on their part) we had water once again! I am so thankful they took care of us so quickly!! Being without water with kids is so tough, and they were so responsive! The guys were great as well, hard working and friendly! Will only ever recommend Keller Well Drilling!!
Allison F.

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